Tiltform System

Buttress Frames


Sideforms / Shuttering

Simple Steps of the Tiltform System

The Buttress Frames are secured to the casting bed or floor slab simply using a threaded concrete insert of coil anchor or another suitable concrete anchor.

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The Sliding Risers are placed through the Buttress Frame with the base at the bottom. The Sliding Risers sit above with the size and number of risers corresponding to the panels being cast (i.e. if there are 6 panels being cast on top of one another then there would be 6 risers).

The Clicker Plate is then inserted into the rear of the sideform close to the base riser position. The clicker can easily move left or right along the rail in the rear of the sideform to the correct position simply by rotating the clicker anti-clockwise. Rotation clockwise locks the clicker in place.

Once the clicker is in position the base riser is inserted into the clicker and locked in place with a steel pin.

Once this procedure is repeated to all the buttress frames around the perimeter of the panel being cast, length of sideform is locked in a straight line simply by turning the screw jacks on the buttress frames.

The panel diagonals are checked and adjusted (because the other three sides of the panel being formed can still move as the buttress frames to those sides have not been locked).

Once the panel is in square or correct layout the buttress frames on the opposite corners are locked. Then, when the sideforms are aligned straight, the remaining buttress frames are locked - fully securing the formwork in place.

The steel reinforcement is then placed and concrete poured.

As there are no nails or screws to remove, and hence no impact, the sideforms can be stripped whilst the concrete has not fully cured.

This is simply done by removing the corner brackets on the sideforms and then releasing the locks on the buttress frames before pulling the sideforms away from the concrete and removing the steel pins form the clickers.

The sideforms are then cleaned, a lot easier whilst the concrete is still green as it can be simply sponged or brushed off.

The base risers are then pushed in to touch the cast concrete panel and the sideforms then placed on top of the base risers. These base risers determine the height for the next panel with the formwork installation procedure repeated.