About SRB Systems

With over 40 years of collective hands-on experience, we know what it's like to work in the engineering and concrete construction industry.

That's why SRB Systems' products are designed and developed with the user in mind. Setting up concrete formwork with the time-consuming, non-reusable and flawed wooden system used on site, and the heavy, cumbersome steel shuttering systems in precast yards, we thought there must be a better way. So we created them.

Our aim was to design product and complete system alternatives that were cost-effective, extremely time-saving, and safe for the user. Why should hundreds of construction workers be wasting their time using the inefficient methods that are hundreds of years old? We believe construction workers, like everyone else, deserve to benefit from today's technological advancement.

That's why, at SRB Systems, we seek to develop and provide the most innovative designs, technologies, products and services in the concrete construction industry. In the process, we are setting new standards in achievable quality, accuracy and construction time.

So check out our products and systems. Aside from being easier, faster, safer and more cost effective, they also offer greater construction freedom and are even environmentally friendly. We know how the tools you use affect your life, so all our products are manufactured in Australia to ensure the highest possible quality.

To sum it all up, our quality products are full of Aussie ingenuity, and most importantly, they make sense for you.