Panelware System


Sideforms / Shuttering

About the Panelware System

The Panelware Site Cast / Tilt-Up Formwork System differs primarily from the Tiltform System in that the panel underneath is utilised to support the formwork for the panel above - whereas in the Tiltform System the formwork for all the panels in the stack is supported from the floor slab or casting bed via the offset buttress frame.

As far as formwork goes, it simply does not get any easier than this!

The sideforms / edgeforms are laid out on the casting bed or floor slab. Spring loaded uni-bolts are inserted into the rear of the sideform at the brace locations - generally at 1,500 mm (5 ft) centres and at the ends of the sideform (to secure the corner brackets that hold the two perpendicular sideforms together).


The top bracket is then placed against the back of the edgeform with the thread from the uni-bolt coming through the slotted hole in the bracket.

A bolt is then tightened on the uni-bolt thread securing the bracket to the sideform. The brackets are then secured to the concrete floor slab / casting bed via appropriate masonry anchors.

The brackets have longitudinal slots in them to allow for adjustment to the sideforms prior to the masonry anchors being fully tightened.


Steel reinforcement is then placed and any ferrule anchors or connection plates are securely and accurately fixed in exact position with the 'Panelware Ferrule Support Bracket.' Concrete is then placed into the mould. The simplicity of the system leaves clear and uninhibited access around the panel for installation of reinforcement and concrete pouring. 12 mm (1/2 inch) ferrules are supported on the inside face of the sideform at every bracket position. These ferrules sit in the panels being cast and are then used as fixing points to secure the brackets that will later support the formwork for the next panel above.


Once the base panel is cast and concrete cured the support brackets are loosened from the sideforms and formwork is stripped way from the cast concrete.

12 mm (1/2 inch) bolts are then inserted into the ferrules in the panel edge and the bottom bracket is secured to these ferrules. This bottom bracket thus provides the support for the top bracket (which is affixed to the formwork for the next panel above).

The procedure is repeated again with the only difference being the formwork bracket attached to the edgeform is not being supported directly by the concrete floor or casting bed but by a bracket attached to the panel underneath.

This procedure is then repeated for every subsequent panel.

Casting base panel, formwork brackets fixed to casting bed:


Connection of corner brackets to base panel to support perpendicular sideform abutments to one another:


Support of ferrules and other insert with the ferrule brackets:


Casting second (and any subsequent) panel in the stack, formwork brackets fixed to cast panel:
Use of magnetic suspender to install 'bottom bracket' to cast panel.


Connection of corner brackets to second and subsequent panels in the stack to support perpendicular sideform abutments to one another: